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Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC) - is the smallest, least visible custom hearing device. These aids are very compact, yet have enough power to be suitable for mild to moderately severe losses.

In-the Canal (ITC) - is larger than a CIC, but still small enough to be cosmetically appealing with enough power to fit a wide variety of losses.

In-the Ear (ITE) - is the most common of all hearing aid styles and is made from a custom mold of the patient's ear which fit securely in the outer ear, offering easy positioning and adjustment by the user as well as a variety of options such as a telephone coil.

Behind-the Ear (BTE) - is connected to a custom-made ear shell and offers special programming and power as well as flexibility for use with telephones and assistive listening devices. This model is suitable for virtually any loss, even the most profound.

Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing Aid Circuits

Digital Sound Processing (DSP) - Nearly all hearing aids today utilize digital circuitry. These circuits are the latest advance in hearing aid technology. These 100% digital hearing instruments provide "CD quality sound." It is the solution for clean and clear sound reproduction, low distortion, and more precise fitting

Hearing aids may not provide the same benefits to all patients nor will they "cure" hearing loss any more than eyeglasses "cure" impaired vision. However, they can provide a wealth of benefits to the user. Proper evaluation, selection, fit and auditory rehabilitation are all necessary to achieve the full benefits of your hearing aids.

The first step is a careful audiologic test battery by your Marcon professional. So call today and find out how much better your life can be.


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